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Air Drying Chain Stopped Alkyds

Product Code Fatty Acid Oil Length Type of Polyol % NVM Volatiles Acid Value Max. Viscosity at 30 C in seconds(Ford Cup No. B4) Suggested Uses
3037 Soya 35 Penta 68-72 Mix Xylene 25 120+-20 (50% in Xylene) Heavy-duty primers,
Automotive refinishes having excellent recoatability. Can be used in combination with Butylated/ Isobutylated/ Urea formaldehyde resin in presence of Acid for wood coating application as clear varnish or pigmented coat.
2272 Soya 35 Penta 53-57 MTO/Xylene 25 140+-20(50% in Xylene) Auto refinishes and wood coating